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(1)How do you account for the fact Mao Zedong never mentioned the Massacre ?
(2)In more than 300 press briefings in 1937 and 1938, why didn't the Chinese Nationalists Party mention 300,000 civilian deaths in Nanking ?
(3)Why did the Safety Zone Committee say Nanking's population was 200,000 pre-occupation and 250,000 afterwards ?

Don't be deceived by CCP. The title of the fair book on Amazon in USA and UK is "The Alleged Nanking Massacre : Japan's rebuttal to China's forged claims" .


There Is Not a Single "Real Photograph"
Documenting the Nanking Incident
Mizoguchi Ikuo
Co-author of Analyzing the "Photographic Evidence" of Nanking Incident
1. Introduction
There has been an abundance of so-called evidential photographs allegedly depicting the Nanking Incident in the world. The institution in the city of Nanking, in the People's Republic of China, popularly known as the Nanking Massacre Memorial Museum, in particular, is a treasure-trove of such popular yet groundless photos of vague origins.
Most of the photographs on exhibition at this "memorial museum" are of unknown
sources. Some of those that are well-identified origins are either a composite or
distorted from the original photos used in Japanese newspapers, magazines and elsewhere. Others are secretly reproduced or mis-captioned from the originals. At the Museum, voluminous photographic albums full of these dubious photos are sold as authentic to visitors.
Even in Japan, books using those photos, without any verification of their authenticity,are still sold at bookstores and are displayed on the bookshelves of many libraries nationwide. In recent years, it has been proved that those photos have nothing to do with the Nanking Incident. This notion is becoming increasingly common knowledge among us Japanese.
I joined a research group, led by Professor Higashinakano Shudo of Asia University,to examine and analyze a total of over 30,000 of these photographs. It took nearly three years to complete the research. The result was published as a book entitled Nankin Jiken "Shoko Shashin" Wo Kenshosuru (Analyzing the "Photographic Evidence" of the Nanking Incident) (Soshisha, 2005). This book became a bestseller at one point, attracting much public attention and interest. The entire translation of this book is available at this site.
( http://www.sdh-fact.com/CL02_1/26_S4.pdf)
Now, I will take up some typical, so-called self-claimed evidential photos of the
"Nanking Massacre" and verify that there is truly not a single photo which can be
considered as evidence of the Nanking Massacre.



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